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The Season Closer

Posted by Mcc457 on August 29, 2013 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

So much emotion, so much joy, so much devastation, and only one winner....

...Who we'll find out about at the end of the review!

Qualifying-Gchap on pole

HEAT I :The history making green flga dropped in the last inaugural year race on NR2003's Premeir GT racing series. Gchap pull in fornt hold his lead, ambitious for the title. On lap 2, Andrew scrapes the wall, and makes some minor damage. But the the first caution comes out. Mcc slams the wall flips, and slides on his roof. He's down, but he's not out. astone1996, now preferred to be called Anthony Stone, pits and retires. Stone did not return to the racetrack, he was in the garage fixing car issues. Lap 5, back to green, chaos breaks out, Takayuki is slides on his passenger side off the wall, The 80, a newcomer Thomas Frederick, spins Zacahry down the front stretch, reacting to the dangerously sliding Takayuki. During Caution, Gchap gives up his lead for tires and fuel. Andrew now leads. Lap 9, Green. Madeline Takes the lead. On Lap 11, the trouble seriously began. Krystal racing hard for her position, slams her Ferrari 458 into an Armco end wall, violently catapulting in the air. While landing, another newcomer (and possible 2014 prodigy) Alex Gray, slammed into the underside of Krystal, propelling the crash. Both Dirvers are Ok due to safety devices in the cars, drivers interveiews will soon ensue! Lap 14, Green. Tigerman passes Gchap for the lead. Unfortunetaly, cautions breed cautions. Takayuki, after his first accident, hits his Viper in the same spot Krystal had just crashed. His spinning car takes out Zachary, Mcc and Tye. Skip to lap 23. After a few scruffs with the wall for some drivers, Madeline is leading...but her lead would soon fall to the same fate that Mcc endured early in the race.Soon, the usual "underdogs" began to take over. Addyson lad after that...but is passed by Ryan, the champoinship leader later on. As the race progressed, there were many lead changes.Gabriel Souza, a ususal stock car diver, take the lead on lap 28, but loses it on lap 30 to Tigerman. 9 laps later, Ryuan, usually a prominnt name"forgets where the track is" and goes off into the bushes aside the track. Caution would come out fo the last time. Skip to lap 48, the exitement picks back up. The race has become a battle for the lead between Souza and Tigerman. They are unning down the front stretch side-by-side. they jockey fo position until the white flag. Tigerman's Ford GT is running on edge, and pits. Souza sweeps the rrace for an upset win!...of the firts heat, he gets 50 pionts for winning the segment

Phew, HEAT II: First ever night race. Gchap is back on pole. Trouble breaks out on lap 1. Ryan and Heybe, major rivals form the Motegi Race slide on the wall, ther is not caution. Lap, 2 Gchaps also in the wall, no cuation. Unfortunately, Mcc, who's had bad luck all weekend ends his season in the trees. Andrew taps him, they both slide through the sand and slam up on the trees. Rather peculilarly, Tye hits the unilluminated Pit end wall, trying to pit. Green flap, Madeline is leading. It becomes sibling rivaly as She and her sister Jayda, duke it out until Lap 15, when "Maddie" gets the same fate as Tye. Tigerman takes the lead, othewise, Gchap hist the pit wall, then Zachary, Tigerman, himself too. Tye takes and holds the lead unil he pits and gives up the lead to Jayda. On Lap 22, Tye sling shots last Ryan and Jayda, caught in their own battle for the lead. Tye would lead to the checkerd, winning both the first and last races!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

Race Standings:











Alex Gray+10

Thomas Frederick+10






Anthony Stone(astone1996) +10





Championship Standings

Ryan 35 960

Tye --- 880

Gchap 4 770

Mcc457 70 770

Reid 00 750

Andrew 20 730

Madeline 31 720

Krystal 13 590

Heybye44 82 500

Takayuki 21 490

Zachary 1 430

Tigerman58 58 320

Jayda 12 350

Anthony Stone (astone1996) 22 280

Addyson 100 310

MrXweet 10 270

Everett 101 290

Gabriel Souza 08 100

Alex Gray 83 10

Thomas Frederick 80 10

Post Race: Congratulations to Ryan, our inaugrural season champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Race 16- New Zealand

Posted by Mcc457 on August 18, 2013 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

This is it, the LAST regular points race before the  BIG season closer, that also means....REGRISTRATION TIME! Now the time to create fictional teammates/your own team. New members can also register for the Winter2013/2014 season. The next season will begin after the week after the NASCAR Sprint  Cup Season ends. (November 23rd 2013) The tour will be going to different tracks, adoptong a new points system, and , not a promise, race reveiws as videos. We will also be adjusting ratings to make races more competitive. Drivers already enrolled in the '13 season will get to go on to 2014, no issues, unless they want a team change/ opt out. The rally races have been cancelled, they were outrageous. (Just short tracks were weird for the cars)

Practice: Rain delayed...LOL

Qualifying: Gchap on ploe

Race. As the green flag dropped Ryan and Madeline blasted past Gchap for the top spots. The larege pack barreling throght the esses cased astone to spin, he suffered no damage but  caused a multi car pile up, due to other cars trying to avoid him. Heybye, Takayuki, Krystal, Addyson and the others spin. Heybye and Takayuki slam the rear end of their car in the tire barrier. They take the most damage, MrXweet, frustrated, pushes Addyson aside, damaging both of their cars. Lap 2 was not a eventful, Madeline is leading, but is passed by Mcc. The caution is finally swung. Back to green, Lap 5, as the saying goes "cautions breed more cautions" Krystal, astone, Gchap and Andrew spin in the same esses. This brings out the caution. Green Flag, after no practice, and two, rather large incidents, passing becomes low.  Mcc would p[ull Gchaps trick of pulling away, going on the win the last regular points race!

Season Closer: The winner of this will most likely be the Championship winner, getting 50 extra points. It will be Day and night (the only night race) at Milano, this is it.

Post Race Drama: Hopefully, I'll be able to interveiw more drivers and possibly have a special edition full of driver interveiws. Gchap's Camaro Z28 was checked, he was all okay. His reaction to this was, "Write up hilarious! Yeah, I did drill out some of the roll cage to lighten it up...." he jokes. The accuser hasn't been interveiwed yet...























Championship Standings

Ryan 35 880

Gchap 4 760

Mcc457 70 760

Reid 00 730

Tye --- 730

Andrew 20 720

Madeline 31 710

Krystal 13 530

Heybye44 82 490

Takayuki 21 460

Zachary 1 420

Tigerman58 58 310

astone1996 22 270

Jayda 12 260

MrXweet 10 260

Everett 101 250

Addyson 100 240


Race 15- Surfer's Paradise

Posted by Mcc457 on August 11, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

If you read this entire chapter, lol, PM me your reactions or post it in the threads and I will quote it next reveiw.

Practice: Mcc leads

Qualifying: Gchap is on pole

Race: As the Green flag drops, Gchap immediately pulls away. The line beside him stumbles backwards. He leads the first lap and isn't close to losing his spot...until... lap 17, Madeline has gained time through the esseses(?) and goes side-by-side, unfortunately for her she fails to make a pass. Eventually, she falls to seventh place. On the next lap, lap 22, Mcc and Heybye both, crash on the same turns. Hebye is done for the day. The yellow did not fly. On lap 30, Gchap gives up his 5 second lead for a pit stop. The second place driver Tye takes the lead. Luck was not on Tye's or Ryan's side. On lap 36, they also crashed at the same place Heybye and Mcc crashed. However, unlike Heybye, they stayed out. Tye loses his lead to Gchap. Ten laps later, Andrew makes his way up to the dominator, Gchap, a 3 lap battle ensues. Andrew rams Gchap, to intimidate, Gchap is not phased. Being too careful not to crash in the esses, andrew slows down, and Gchap get away. Gchap would rocket away for the last lap to a 35 second lead. He would go on the grab his fourth win of the inaugural season!

Post-Race: (Yes there was drama) A driver we interveiwed, days after the race, who did not want name specified, is accusing Gchap of cheating. They say, "Okay, I think he's cheating, make sure he knows"  As usual, officials will inspect Gchap's car and team camp. Mcc, who we interveiwed later on said (apparently directed at the accuser, "There's a saying out there, 'boys, and girls in this case, have at it,' Gchap, being an experienced racing driver, was showing us his skills, I don't want this series to become a he's cheating, she's cheating because "someone" isn't competitive anymore." Heybye on the opposite end says, " He obviously always beats me, Whats going on here!?" He was not the accuser. Word from the series is" We will not tolerate cheating and conspiracy, we are proffesionals and do our best providing good, fair fun for the fans and drivers. The drivers can say what they want, we can't control that. We can control cheating." 

Race Standings


















Championship Standings

Ryan 35 790

Gchap 4 730

Andrew 20 710

Reid 00 670

Mcc457 70 660

Tye --- 650

Madeline 31 640

Krystal 13 520

Heybye44 82 480

Takayuki 21 450

Zachary 1 370

Tigerman58 58 290

astone1996 22 260

Jayda 12 250

Everett 101 240

MrXweet 10 240

Addyson 100 230


Motegi- Race 13

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Sorry for the late reply, its almost time for school again!

Practice:Heybye44 leads, no incidents

Qualifying:Gchap has pole

Race: As the green flag dropped, Heybye, Ryan and Mcc take the low line to a pass. The low line would prove to be the fastest today. Mcc slides below Ryan to take the lead. Then, Tye would shuffle to the lead, next Heybye. This shuffle would go on until lap 28, when Andrew spun down the front straight. Ryan led under caution. Green flag, Heybye and Ryan are side-by-side, they fight for the lead, changing from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st frequently. This would continue at the front until green flag pitstops. The two leaders pull in taking tyres and fuel, Heybye getting out first. The pitstops put lappers into the equation, one causind the second caution. Zachary getting passed by cars on the lead lap, comes too close to Gchap. It was 3-wide across the S/F line, Zachary, a lap down, Gchap in the middle, Mcc low. Gchap takes a hard left turn, trying to avoid Zachary, taking Mcc for a ride into the pit wall. Slamming the SAFER Barrier bounced Mcc into the air, decimatiing his car and chances for contention. Gchap would suffer damage too, fortunately for him, he would only fall a lap down. Green flag, our main leaders are Ryan, Tye, Heybye and Reid. They shuffled for the lead, a lot like at Charlotte. On lap 78, with two laps to go, it seemed as Heybye would finally take his first win of the season. White flag, Heybye's lead was dwindling, Ryan has fallen back to 5th. Tye is 2nd. Heybye distacted by Tye, goes high, allowing Ryan to blast by the small pack next. Ryan makes his goal of a second win. Heybye would fall back to 4th.




















Points Standings

Name Number Pts.

Ryan 35 710

Reid 00 660

Gchap 4 630

Andrew 20 620

Mcc457 70 600

Tye --- 600

Madeline 31 590

Krystal 13 510

Heybye44 82 470

Takayuki 21 440

Zachary 1 360

Tigerman58 58 280

Jayda 12 240

Everett 101 230

Addyson 100 210

MrXweet 10 210

astone1996 22 190

Chinese Grand Prix-Race 12

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Practice: Ryan leads, no incidents

Qualifying: Gchap on pole

Race: At the start of the race the pack was tight, which lead for an early incident. Gchap was leading. Ryan, trying to work his way to the top, plows through astone1996. Astone would not bear heavy damage and finish 7th, the yellow did not fly. On lap 3 however, Gchap still leading, the caution did fly due to debris on the race track, trash blown in from the grandstands. Soon, clouds rolled in bringing light drizzle. On lap 22, Green flap pitstops enseud, This mixed up the standings, Mcc would lead. Despite Mcc's lead, Ryan would catch him up. Unfortunately for them, the rain begins pouring, causing the conditions of the race track to be hazardous, the race was delayed until the sun broke out. Restarting in random order, on the damp track, Madeline is on pole. Ryan manages to get by her, and Gchap manages to get by them for the lead. In the end all of the DNQ'ers from last week redeemed themselves and rounded out the top 7. Gchapo would go on to win in his GTS Class Camaro at Shanghai.

Race standings(+ # is equivalent to credits and points earned)




















Points Standings

Name Number Pts.

Gchap 4 620

Ryan 35 610

Mcc457 70 590

Andrew 20 580

Reid 00 570

Madeline 31 540

Tye --- 520

Krystal 13 500

Takayuki 21 430

Heybye44 82 400

Zachary 1 350

Tigerman58 58 260

Everett 101 220

Addyson 100 200

MrXweet 10 200

Jayda 12 180

astone1996 22 160

Race 11:Isle of Man

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Practice: Cloudy, Mcc leads no Incidents

Qualifying: This gets intresting, 5 DNQ because of incidents, they include, practice leader, Mcc, Ryan, Madeline, Tye and Andrew.

The race was long, only 6, but the track was longer than the Nuerburgring Nordshleife ( I spelled that out of my head). The full race was not covered. On lap 3, however, there was a terrifying crash. Most drivers drift to get their way around corners. Tigerman, attempting to pull the same maneuveur, slid up into the trees, he was shaken up but was immediatly out, he won't be in car again until Motegi for recovery. Heybye and Reid, spun while drifting, but were not hurt they DNF'd. Zachary and Takayuki had engine problems.The weekend was chaotic for most drivers but sweet, for rookie astone, who captured his first win, and Jayda who had her highest finish, being runner up. 









Tigerman58+30 DNF

Reid+20 DNF

Takayuki+10 DNF

Heybye44 +10 DNF

Zachary+ 10 DNF

Madeline +10 DNQ

Ryan + 10 DNQ

Mcc457 +10 DNQ

Andrew +10 DNQ



Tye +10 DNQ


Points Standings

Name Number Pts.

Reid 00 540

Gchap 4 520

Ryan 35 520

Mcc457 70 520

Andrew 20 520

Krystal 13 490

Tye --- 480

Madeline 31 460

Takayuki 21 420

Heybye44 82 380

Zachary 1 340

Tigerman58 58 250

Everett 101 210

Addyson 100 190

MrXweet 10 190

Jayda 12 170

astone1996 22 120

Kyalami-Race 10

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Practice:Ryan leads, no incidents, sunny.

Qualifying:Gchap on pole

Race: The South African Grand Prix, was THE most uneventful race of the season, there was good racing though. Therefore, the reveiw will be very short. Green, Mcc pushes his way to the lead. Ryan and Heybye44 battle for 2nd spot. Heybye would fake high then low as an attempt to pass. However, this did not outsmart Ryan. Amidst their battle, Mcc pulled more than 10secs ahead. In the second half Green flag pitstops ensued. Mcc still lead after pitting. Unfortunately, Puting everyone behind 49 secs. The time was made up as slower cars were being lapped. In the end, Ryan would leave Heybye in the dust, and find himself 6 secs behind the leader, Mcc457, who rebounded from earnind 0 points last week.

News: Ryan will get the priviledge of driving the new Mclaren P1 GT3. This will be its first appearence in any sort of motorsport( other than the Gulf concepts)

We will not be going to Dubai, the track is glitched, we will be going to the Isle of Man.


Race Standings


Mcc457 +100
















Takayuki+10(header problems)






Points Standings


Name Number Pts.


Mcc457 70 610

Ryan 35 600

Reid 00 580

Gchap 4 570

 Andrew 20 540

 Tye --- 540

 Madeline 31 470

 Krystal 13 460

Heybye44 82 450

Takayuki 21 390

 Zachary 1 340

 Tigerman58 58 260

 Everett 101 140

 Addyson 100 140

 MrXweet 10 130

 Jayda 12 90

 astone1996 22 60





Martinsville- Race 10

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Practice-MrXweet leads, many incidents, mostly caused by rookie, Jayda.

Qualifying-Gchap on Pole

Race: The hot summer sun beat down on the famous Sprint Cup circuit. The race started with Gchap pulling away from the pack, he was in his element as he usually does things for Dirt Late Models, which race on short tracks. He dominated the feild. On lap 3 Mcc, who fell back from his 2nd place qualifying position, gets spun by Addyson. Overcome by frustration, he attempts to get going again and "t-bones" Krystal, Addyson's team owner, who was also in the spin. He was docked 10 points, and went out due to damage. Restart, Gchap still leading, Addyson and Krystal in the pits fixing damage, eventually becoing a few laps down. Gchap lead all the way to lap 129, when Madeline breaks down, the caution comes out for the 2nd time. The leader pits. On the restart, with lappers beside him Gchap pulls ahead. Ryan, who's 2nd gets a taste of his own medicine from Addyson, who holds him back, like Ryan did to Madeline and Krystal at Charlotte. Ryan would have passed Gchap if Addyson didn't block him. On lap 135, more tempers cracked. Heybye44 riding behing Zachary, gets fed up. Heybye knows Zachary has been messing him up since he first came. Especially, at Montreal and Sarthe, where heybye almost got a win. Heaybye turns Zachary into the wall and gets by. Heybye finished 5th, but it was docked 10 points. Today was a bad day for JC Motorsports. On the plast lap it was a breeze for Gchap to take his 2nd win of the World Tour season.

News: The schedule has been increased to 20 races, and this change is final. Next week we will be in Kyalami, South Africa, then Dubai, then head over to Shanghai, China, then Motegi, then Suzuka, the we will be heading down under, to Surfer's Paradise and Pukekohe in New Zealand. The last 3 races before the season close will be rally stages, Long Island, Sheffield and X-Games Riverside. The season closer will be a race at Milano,with one heat starting in the day and the second at night. 


Race Standings






Heybye44+50 -10= 40



Everett +20







Madeline +10 

Mcc457+10 - 10= 0 lol

Points Standings

Name Number Pts.

Gchap 4 520

Reid 00 520

Ryan 35 510

Mcc457 70 510

Andrew 20 510

Tye --- 470

Krystal 13 450

Madeline 31 450

Takayuki 21 380

Heybye44 82 370

Zachary 1 330

Tigerman58 58 250

Everett 101 130

 Addyson 100 130

MrXweet 10 120

Jayda 12 80

astone1996 22 20

Indianopolis- Race 9

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Practice: Andrew leads, sunny

Qualifying:Mcc is on pole

Race: During the opening laps Mcc and Andrew tandem drafted to to the lead, behind them a large pack is battling for their position. Lap 5, the trouble begins, Mcc is still leading Andrew behing him, and Heybye is 3rd. Tye is riding dangerously close to Madeline. Tye gets loose, his car levers off of Madeline, and takes Reid, who is next to him(they were 3 wide) around. Madeline and Tye separate. Tye without control of his car, slams into Krystal. Reid turns hard trying to regain control of his vehicle, but tips on two wheels Tom Cruise style. Takayuki's Viper is catapulted into the air, then lands on all four wheels. Astone1996 and Jayda, both new comers, have a run in. As the pile begins, astone1996 checks up, and spins, taking Jayda for the ride. After the worst Pile up in World tour history, The remaining drivers Mcc, Heybye, Ryan, Zachary, Gchap, Andrew, Addyson and Everett cruise on. Mcc leads. Andrew would pass and take the lead eventually, but Mcc would take it back. A round of green flag pitstops allowed Addyson to breifly lead, before Mcc took it back from him. Addyson's brother Everett would have suspension damage later on.  Heybye44 and Ryean pit to repair accumulating damaged from scraping the walls. In the end Mcc won his 2nd race of the season.

News: Reid's car ,which was demolished in the pile up, was torn down before practice, there was nothing hinting cheating. Some speculate that Reid could have purposely  crashed his car to despell a cheating conspiracy, as when the accident occured, he had more than enough space to get out safely. Although, Reid is not likely a person you would find cheating.

Race Standings

Mcc457 +100








Madeline+20 Any one below here was caught up in the accident










Points Standings

Name Number Pts.

Mcc457 70 510

Andrew 20 480

Reid 00 460

Tye --- 460

Krystal 13 440

Madeline 31 440

Gchap 4 420

Ryan 35 420

Takayuki 21 340

Heybye44 82 330

Zachary 1 320

Tigerman58 58 170

MrXweet 10 110

Everett 101 110

Addyson 100 120

astone1996 22 10

Jayda 12 10

Le Sarthe- Race 8

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Sorry for the late results, w\anywho

Practice- Light Rain, Heybye44 lead

Qualifying-Gchap on Pole

Other News: We have two new drivers, joining Krystal Racing, Addyson (driving the #100 BMW M5) and Everett (Driving the 101 Ferrari Berlinetta)

Race: As the race began Gchap almost immediately pulled away, his lead would be broken when a debris caution would be thrown. Most everybody pits. Restart "SwagMonster" is dominating, as he follows the "pullaway" pattern of Montreal. Behing him trouble is brewing, coming into the esses, SwagMonster gets loose and spins, Heybye44 and Mcc get caught up in the spin, all cars sustaining light damage. Because they were near the pits repair could come quickly. Resart, Heybye44 is leading, he strategically, pulls far ahead of the pack, due to the rest pitting on the second caution lap. He would rule, until he felt he needed tires. Conrtoversially (probably only to Heybye)after he enters pit lane, Tigerman58 spins, sending out the caution. Because Heybye intentionally pitted under green he lost his spot. On restart he would, race hard to regain his lead from SwagMonster. But, Tye and Madeline tangle, bring out caution again. Heybye44 pits due to a lot of oversteer trying to catch up SwagMonster. On the Restart Krystal is leading with her newcomers trailing behind her. Reid sling shots down the straight to gain the lead. SwagMonster bring out the last caution. Ried is still leading. To everyone's frustration, Reid wins... again. Frustraited with the young gun's almost "magical" success, multiple teams ( who did not want to be named) blamed Reid of Cheating. A full car inspection will be done at Indianopolis, if anything is found Reid will be docked 50 points.


Reid +100
















Points Standings

Name Number Pts.

Reid 00 450

Tye --- 450

Krystal 13 430

Madeline 31 420

Mcc457 70 410

Andrew 20 400

Gchap 4 390

Ryan 35 370

Takayuki 21 330

Heybye44 82 270

Zachary 1 250

Tigerman58 58 160

MrXweet 10 140

Everett 101 70

Addyson 100 30